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Academy of International Business and Communications

The Academy of International Business and Communications is a humanities based school with a vision of providing students with a place where they can find their passions and accomplish their dreams. We do this by making them aware of the issues they will face politically, socially, internationally and in the business world. We help them develop an appreciation for diverse cultures and become responsible citizens. Students learn the necessary skills needed to succeed in this 21st century, global society. Technical training is integrated into your classes along with essential workplace skills, such as communication, critical thinking, problem solving, team building and decision making. Classes students may take include: Constitutional law, careers with children, business, economics, journalism and a senior seminar where you create your own class. In addition, the program strives to instill personal qualities of self-reliance, service and leadership. We prepare students to be successful in any future they choose.
Instruction in the Academy of International Business and Communications will focus on student inquiry with a project-based, hands-on curriculum that is guided by student interest. While maintaining A-G requirements and a strong academic program, students will be able to connect their academic studies to career interests and life after high school. We are committed to creating an environment that is student-centered, academic, and personalized. The Academy of International Business and Communications is available to any student who is ready to succeed.

Office Location: ROOM 108
Tel: 323-370-1200 Fax: 323-651-5803

Mr. Leonard Choi, Assistant Principal - Administrator
? - Lead Teacher
Mr. Victor Medina - Counselor