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Monthly Parent Meetings

2014-2015 DATES FOR
Monthly Parent Meetings 
(All dates are Wednesday from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm in G90)
DATE:                           ADMINISTRATOR:        MEETING TOPIC:
August 20, 2014            Ms. Nacorda                   Meet and Geet, Principal's vision for fairfax
September 17, 2014      Mr. Choi                          A-G Requirements, Intervention opportunities
October 22, 2014           Mr.  Choi                         College Planning and A-G requirements
November 12, 2014       Mr. Choi                          College Board Workshop
January 21, 2015           Mr. Garcia                       College Financial Aid
February 25,  2015         Mr. Choi                           AP Classes

March 18, 2015              Mr. Barbosa                     Common Core Testing
April 22, 2015                Mr. Choi                            Graduation Requirements
May 13, 2015                 Ms. Nacorda                     Summary of the Year & Next Steps