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Evaluation and Grading
All students begin the course with an A E E for academic, work habit and cooperation. Each assignment will be factored into the overall percent that will either maintain or decrease student's grade. Percent and grade are as follows:
Category Weights
Tests / Quizzes 30%
Projects / Performance 30%
Homework 20%
Class work 20%
Grade Scale
85-100% A
77-84% B
63-76% C
55-62% D
0-54% F
Student Conduct
Student conduct is treated very seriously. Classroom rules are provided to an atmosphere of learning and it is the responsibility of each student to maintain mutual respect for him/herself, others and property. In the event that a student's conduct warrants discipline actions will be taken in accordance to school policy.
Work Habits
  • Less than 3 missing assignments:  Excellent
  • 3- 6 missing assignments:             Satisfactory
  • More than 6 missing assignments: Unsatisfactory
  • Less than 3 tardies;           Excellent
  • 3 – 6 tardies:                    Satisfactory
  • More than 6 tardies:           Unsatisfactory
  • Follows rules consistently:   Excellent
  • Usually complies with rules: Satisfactory
  • Does not follow rule:            Unsatisfactory
  • Respects Adults & Peers:    Excellent
  • Usually Respects Others:    Satisfactory
  • Disrespects Adults & Peers:Unsatisfactory