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About the Visual Arts Magnet

The Fairfax Center for Visual Arts opened in September 1981, and is located on the campus of Fairfax High School. It is the only visual arts magnet high school in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Enrollment is limited to 400 students in grades 9-12.

Any student eligible to enroll in LAUSD may apply to attend. Applications are included in the Choices brochure, which is distributed each October. Applications are due in mid-November (exact date can be found at echoices.lausd.net).

While the focus of our program is visual art, students take all the classes required for high school graduation and admission to universities. The magnet offers honors academic classes in English, World History, U.S. History, Government, and Economics, and qualified students may take advanced placement classes at Fairfax High School. Click here to view our curricular path.

The Magnet is for students who live and breathe to make art, and students are required to take a magnet art class every semester. Ninth graders study Drawing and Digital Imaging/Design. Tenth graders study Sculpture and Photography. During their junior and senior years, students take an advanced class each semester.

Art is not limited to our studio art classes; our academic teachers also assign art projects as part of their curricula. We have field trips to local museums, visits from prominent artists, and presentations/portfolio reviews by admissions officers from art colleges and university art departments.

The Magnet is on the LEARN calendar school begins just after Labor Day and ends in late June, with a three week winter vacation and week-long spring break.

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How to Contact Us


The Fairfax High School phone number is (323) 370-1231. The Magnet Office extensions are:
  • Ms. Rochelle Labowitz, Coordinator(323) 370-1230
  • Mr. Alan Warhaftig, Coodinator (323) 370-1230
  • Ms. Julia Lopez, Counselor (323) 370-1232
  • Carmina Nacorda, Principal (323) 370-1202
Fax: (323)370-1273

Email: artmagnet@lausd.net

Other Numbers to Know:
  • LAUSD Bus Dispatch: 1-(800)-LA- BUSES
  • LAUSD School Police: (213) 625-6631
  • LAUSD Office of Student Integration: (213) 241-6532