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School of Mathematics, Science & Technology (S.M.S.T.)

Technology is everywhere. Our children will require math and science skills for the majority of daily tasks, and to understand such issues as cloning, computer privacy and global warming. S.M.S.T. wants to ensure all students are equipped with a rigorous standards based education that gives them the academic foundation that can be applied in the real world and in addition result in increasing the number of underrepresented students (women, minorities and economically disadvantaged) applying to science majors at universities. We foresee a significant percentage of students graduating from S.M.S.T. will assume leadership positions in an increasingly scientific and technology-based society.

Office Location: Attendance Office
Tel: 323 370 1200 Fax: 323 651 5803

Mr. Rene Barbosa Assistant Principal, SCS
Ms. Freda Antoine  Lead Teacher
Ms. Bari Best Counselor

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