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Health Science Academy (HSA)
The Health Science Academy will become a place where students and teachers of the SLC can reawaken a passion for learning.
Collaborative: Learning at HSA will include project based - activities, where students will learn to work in collaboration with peers and adults.
Inquiry-based: Learning at HSA will include inquiry-based education where students will learn to ask questions as well as answer them, to research, to express their themselves, and to develop and pursue their own directions.
Real World: Learning at HSA will include real-world applications, opportunities to work with professionals in the health (nutrition, sports, forensics, research, physical fitness) sciences, and opportunities for internships and school-to-career experiences.

Office Location: ROOM 108
Tel: 323 370 1200
Fax: 323 651 5803

Mr. Mark Ross,  Assistant Principal x1222
Mr. Ralph Obrist, Lead Teacher
Mr. Jaime Bravo, Counselor x1068