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The Academy of Media & Performing Arts (AMPA)

The Academy of Media and Performing Arts is a small learning community (SLC) with a mission to educate and prepare students for post-secondary education and/or careers in the fields of mass media, entertainment, and the performing arts. In addition to completing the A ~ G college-preparatory and high school graduation requirements, AMPA students will choose from a variety of electives in music, drama, stage technology, journalism, and video production. In partnership with Los Angeles City College (LACC) students will have access to college-level courses.  Working cooperatively with our arts partners, Greenway Arts Alliance and LACER, students will create, produce, publish and perform first-rate production projects in a variety of media formats. Juniors and seniors will have opportunities to participate in work study/internship experiences in a variety of career fields.

AMPA will provide students a comprehensive college preparatory education as well as the technical and artistic skills training necessary for entrance to a variety of technical and creative media arts professions. This SLC, in cooperation with our parents and community partners, will prepare the students, not only for a post-secondary university, conservatory or professional arts education, but also for the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Office Location: ROOM 108
Tel: 323 370 1294 Fax: 323 370 1289

Ms. Jessica Caceres AP
Mr. Erik Travis Lead Teacher
Ms. Kathleen McDonough Counselor - Room 108