Fairfax Senior High School

FHS fosters a community of diversity and potential!!!   FHS will lead Los Angeles schools in graduation rate, career preparedness and college acceptance!!!
The Fairfax Alma Mater

Hail to thee O' Fairfax         Our pledge to thee we bring,
Honored  Alma  Mater         Thy praises we shall sing,
We'll work for thee              Trustworthy be
With courtesy                       And loyalty.
Our colors                            Crimson and  the  gold.
Our loyal hearts                   Will ever hold, 
So, hail to thee                    O' Fairfax,
               All Hail, All Hail to thee!

School Colors:    Crimson  and  Gold
School Name:     The  Colonials
School Mascot:   The Lion
School Motto:     "FARE FAC"  =  Say and Do